Joseph Ribkoff – A Brand to Be Proud Of

Staying up with the current trends but adding your own flare to any outfit is the only way to be a style icon in the fashion industry. This is why the Joseph Ribkoff brand has become a fashion reference over the last 60 years. He is constantly on top of popular trends in the fashion industry but adds his unique and personal style to every piece. And after 60 years, women all around the world are confident in his vision and trust him to dress them on a daily basis. Joseph Ribkoff takes into account the various lifestyles of women when designing his line by updating numerous pieces to categories such as dresses, pants, tops, and jackets on a regular basis. So whether you need an outfit for an important work event, grabbing a drink with the girls, or a trip to the supermarket, Joseph Ribkoff has you covered.

Why the Joseph Ribkoff Brand Stands Out in a Hyper Competitive Industry?

The Joseph Ribkoff brand has been successful over the years mainly due to Joseph Ribkoff’s vision, talent and hard work. He quit school at the age of 15 to begin working so that he could spend his time doing something more fulfilling and to bring home some money so his poor family could eat and strive to live a better life. He worked a couple of odd jobs before his friend got him a job at a dress factory. This is where everything changed for Joseph Ribkoff. He found something he was passionate about and at the age of 21 decided to start his own business. He worked extremely hard to build his empire but he definitely found himself at the right place and at the right time in various instances. Even he says “I must have had horseshoes all around me because I did everything right.”


Throughout his early days he travelled to the United States and Europe and made lifelong friendships with people that were well known and talented in the industry. This helped further his career immensely. Then, the Joseph Ribkoff brand became one of the first Canadian fashion brands to open up in the European market. Through this experience he learned that it’s important to focus on a couple of pieces and designs that you can do incredibly well and go from there instead of bombarding the client with too much. That is how Joseph Ribkoff became successful, and continues to succeed in the industry to this day. Today, he focuses on the main categories – jackets, pants, tops, and dresses/skirt. His New Arrivals and every collection he introduces, offers products in these categories and are classy and sophisticated.

Josepf Ribkoff | Sticking to His Canadian Roots

Although Joseph Ribkoff and his brand have travelled all over the world, Canada will always be considered home. Every piece designed by his team is manufactured in Canada to ensure that they are of the highest quality. For a Canadian brand to be so successful in such a competitive and worldwide industry is something that the Joseph Ribkoff brand is very proud of.

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