Joseph Ribkoff - How It All Started

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is the year that the Joseph Ribkoff brand turns 61 years old. It has been a long journey for Joseph Ribkoff; one that has earned him credibility and an impeccable reputation in the fashion industry. From a humble beginning to building an empire and a name for himself, Joseph Ribkoff takes pride in his designs being manufactured in Canada. Dress to Kill conducted a wonderful and candid interview a couple of years ago where Joseph Ribkoff talks about his start in the 60’s and his path through the different fashionable eras.


The man behind the name

Joseph Ribkoff | The Beginning of an Era

Joseph Ribkoff was born to immigrant parents with low incomes that always worked hard to sustain their family. At the age of 15 he quit school and began working with his brother as a butcher. On his first day he realized that working as a butcher was not going to be the path that he wanted to take. He quit that same day to pursue something different. He worked other jobs, but then a family friend offered him a job in the fashion industry. This friend taught him everything that he needed to know to start and then scale up to other areas of the fashion industry.

It was a long journey before he got into business at the age of 21 with his own brand named after himself. Having previous experience and networks in the industry, Joseph Ribkoff soon started to gain credibility as a designer and his brand started to rise in popularity in different parts of Europe and around the globe. “I went into business in 1957 when I was just 21,” states Joseph Ribkoff. “I must have had horseshoes around me, because I did everything right. It was a happy accident. I needed to make a contribution and do something that made me feel satisfied.

After 61 years in business he still designs clothes for the same type of women and more than ever tries to satisfy the needs and wants of his niche market. “We focus in on a fit for a woman who is anywhere from 40 to 80 years old. However, the women who wear our clothes don’t see themselves as older; they feel young.” He states. Joseph Ribkoff himself loves designing clothes for that specific market. He knows more than anyone what it is to be old but still be a kid on the inside. Having that mentality over the years is what it allows him to still be creative and still dress women around the globe.

Joseph Ribkoff | Proudly Manufactured in Canada

One thing that most consumers like about the Joseph Ribkoff brand is the fact that his clothes are “Made in Canada.” Joseph Ribkoff is living proof that a Canadian business can aim and strive high in the fashion industry. Producing in Canada while still being a powerful competitor against strong international designers is extremely impressive. “I’d like to say we’re very Canadian. We think about Canadians and about creating Canadian jobs”. He says that Canadian Women and Canadian fashion does not differentiate from the high couture sold to women in Paris, London or Milan. “The same consumer that lives there lives here. We have a niche business; we have a particular consumer and we pay attention to that consumer.”


Joseph Ribkoff 2018 Spring Collection

Joseph Ribkoff couture takes pride in the quality of every garment that is sold to their clients. The brand loves to design garments that will make any woman feel confident, elegant and classy. On the other hand, Joseph Ribkoff customers love the fact that he will always aim for the best quality for every piece. It is no secret that the women that wear Joseph Ribkoff are creative, fun and like to make a statement with their fashion and style. He stated thatWe are creating some kind of a spirit, partnering up with the consumers. We put together the pieces — they put together the puzzles. We put together the separates, and allow the consumer to become creative. They can mix and match a top with a shirt or a pant, or [wear it] on its own”

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