Modella Signature Offers the Best Online Selection of Joseph Ribkoff’s 2018 Collection

Now, you probably know lots about the rich history of the fashion icon Joseph Ribkoff. But do you know the brand that sells the best collection from his line? In order to help you become the best dressed woman we want to build a long-term relationship. We believe that begins with an introduction to the Modella Signature brand so that you can see for yourself just how passionate we are to style you. But why choose Modella Signature over other Joseph Ribkoff retailers? The answer is simple.

Modella Signature | Long History in the Clothing Industry | Joseph Ribkoff Online

Modella is owned by Tovi Mamann, a Toronto resident who has a long and outstanding history in the clothing industry. Through his father, a European clothing importer, he grew up in the industry as he would assist his father each day after school. Thus, making it destined for him to continue the tradition. By the age of 21, Mamann opened his own retail store in the heart of the Toronto garment district. He didn’t stop there. With his strong passion and vast knowledge and flair; he expanded into several retail locations. While working for Simon Chang Concepts, one of Canada’s foremost Fashion houses, Mamann and his staff did over 22 trade shows a year from coast to coast. The positive momentum and passion never faded and is still as strong as ever for the Modella Signature brand.

The Modella stores have been around Toronto for over 30 years, but recently decided to reach a new market. By starting the online shopping channel and, they have able to meet an international segment and share the Joseph Ribkoff love all around the world. Modella Signature’s objective is to feature the best designs of the internationally acclaimed designer, Joseph Ribkoff, and provide a stellar online shopping experience from the comfort of your own home.

Modella Signature Only Puts Gold Online | Joseph Ribkoff Collection - 2018 

The advantage that Modella Signature has over other online retailers is that Mamann and his team hand picks every piece that is featured in the online store. One thing that Mamann looks for when selecting styles for Modella Signature is if it has a “WOW Factor.” What is the WOW Factor you might be asking?  These are pieces in which every factor stands out and is interesting. This includes the size, fit, and colour.

In their dresses, tops, and pants, Modella Signature loves to feature colours and prints that pop, but most importantly is made from soft fabrics. We are looking to style women the lead busy lifestyles and are constantly on the go. How many times do you find yourself working a full day and then going straight to drinks with friends or running errands? If you’re spending all day in the same clothes, you obviously want them to be comfortable.  Our lifestyle sportswear and dresses are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to look fabulous while still being functional and comfortable!

Modella Signature Understands their Customers   

Mamann and his team incorporate their passion and detail into the buying process, hoping that consumers will have that same passion when wearing Joseph Ribkoff clothes. We also understand how infuriating it can be to order something online and having it come in and not fit how you thought it would or the quality is not what you expected. Having each style hand selected minimizes this risk and reduces the return rate exponentially. That doesn’t mean that every order is going to be successful. For example, sometimes the wrong size is ordered. If this is the case, we accept returns of unworn, unwashed, and undamaged items within 30 days.

Modella Signature | Joseph Ribkoff – 2018 Collection| Purchase Online                      

Modella Signature has been offering the finest in women’s fashion for over 30 years in our retail boutiques. Now, women all over the world will be able to shop our collections through our online store. Modella Signature carries the best online selection of Joseph Ribkoff and we are determined to turn every woman who shops with us into the “best dressed woman.”  Shop our new arrivals